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Senior Management Team

Laurel High Global School

Senior Management Team

Laurel High Global creates opportunities blending experiential learning with state of art and education for both students and parents to change their prospective of preparing students towards global competition and understand how we are interconnected to be a Global Citizen. This needs opportunities that engage students and improve their learning and intercultural awareness. We focus on themes of real interest to encourage every student’s innate ability to explore, research and record.

Zulekha Lakhani Principal

An Effective teacher with over 15 years of cross-cultural experience in Educational Research, Teacher Training and Mentoring as well as Teaching at both Primary and Secondary levels, Curriculum Development with Master in Teaching and Masters in Arts Education from the University of London respectively.

An enterprising leader possessing a global mindset and demonstrated abilities in relating to cross- functional teams of professionals across all hierarchical levels in organization & motivating them towards the achievement of Overall Objectives while adhering to best practices in the field of Education.

Expertise in working with schools and institutions at various levels i.e. Primary and Secondary as well as International, National and Local which has helped develop skills in management, team building and training.

Aruna Chilakamarthi Headmistress

Accomplished Professional Educator with 18 years of experience in Education Research. Gold Medallist with Masters in Education from Mysore University is proven expertise in teaching, curriculum development, supervision, program development, lesson planning and school data evaluation.

Expertise in developing creative curricula observing and evaluating teachers planning lessons and creating favourable learning environments for students and teachers. Proven ability to establish meaningful partnerships with community education institutions and facilitate the vision of shared leadership while providing learner-centred leadership for all staff and students.