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Laurel High Global School


Laurel High Global creates opportunities blending experiential learning with state of art and education for both students and parents to change their perspective of preparing students towards global competition and understand how we are interconnected to be a Global Citizen. This needs opportunities that engage students and improve their learning and intercultural awareness. Find our associate experts providing students and parents with a greater understanding of universal values and therefore promoting the development of important skills required to be valuable global citizens.

Dr Tim Cornwall

Dr. Tim Cornwall is expert in Adult Education, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University. He is faculty member with Sasin Business English, Sasin. He worked for developing and providing language and communication courses for academic and corporate clients. Currently he is an adjunct lecturer for International College for Sustainability Studies (SWUIC) corporate classes.

Dr Tim Cornwall continues to teach business English courses for international companies and to conduct one-on-one individual mentoring and English language instruction. He taught a variety of courses at the university level in Japan, including three years as Assistant Professor, English Language Department, Sophia University, and Tokyo, Japan.

Dr Tim has published two textbooks, Speaking First and Take Off with MacMillan Press and numerous articles on a variety of topics. Dr Tim is formal Director of BAGOC’s International Public Relations Center. Tim is a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) and Past Division Governor for Toastmasters. A member in the Rotary Club, he was editor of the club’s weekly magazine South Wind for seven years and has been on the club’s board of directors for four years as Club Administration, Communications Director and Fund Raising Director for two years.

Dr. Donna Quigley

Dr Donna Quigley is a retired Canadian educator who has a broad base of experience in the areas of teacher development and educational leadership. During her long career in education in Canada and abroad Dr Donna has experienced a variety of academic and practical roles and responsibilities. Dr Donna has dedicated her retirement years to travel with an emphasis upon international education. In her role as staff advisor to PhD students at Assumption University, Thailand and guest lecturer at De Paul University, USA she was able to gain insights about education from her students who represented a global perspective. Presently she is attending education-related conferences in Mexico, Nigeria and India.