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Laurel High Global School


Laurel High Global creates opportunities blending experiential learning with state of art and education for both students and parents to change their prospective of preparing students towards global competition and understand how we are interconnected to be a Global Citizen. This needs opportunities that engage students and improve their learning and intercultural awareness. We focus on themes of real interest to encourage every student’s innate ability to explore, research and record.

Sunkara Ravi Kumar

Laurel High aims to educate your child for the future, enhancing learning through collaborations. We aim to accomplish the vision by designing a learner centred environment, to enable the students to live a full life and to realize their potential as a unique individual in this world.

We believe in promoting active citizenship and encourage the participation of learners in the social, community, national and international dimensions of their lives, to Inspire, motivate and enable learners to pursue excellence in learning and to achieve to the highest possible standard by developing confidence, competence and resilience to live in a rapidly changing, technologically advanced, and globalized world.

Sunkara Mallikarjuna Rao

We believe the most valuable education we can provide is one that brings out the best in our students in academic, extracurricular and personal domains. Individually tailoring our approach to your child enables them to achieve outstanding academic results whilst developing the skills and mindset to thrive in a changing world. We believe in facilitating learners in accessing learning pathways, in making informed learning choices, in managing their learning and above all, in enjoying and developing a love of learning.

Prof. K. Pushpanadham

Laurel High Global School believe that there is no limit to what every student can achieve - academically, socially and personally. The schools will encourage your child to reach for their dreams and try something new in every aspect of their education. We aim to empower the students to emerge as a social being through living, loving and leaving a legacy and to develop in learners, the qualities that will enable them to be open-minded, critically discerning, hold values, generate ideas, have a sense of justice and exercise moral and political freedom.