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Laurel High Global School


Laurel High Global School is very happy to Invite you to “CLIMATE HEROS” a brainstorming workshop on climate change, impacts of climate change and renewable energies in the context of Germany and India conducted by Grade-VIII students, under the mentorship of Mr Johannes Kempf. Students were oriented from past two weeks towards meaningful learning, by implementing new innovative learning methods where leaning must create challenges that enable learners to acquire self-directed and independently discovered solutions. The aim is to bring social awareness and practices with transformative knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that learners need to be able to contribute to a more inclusive and peaceful world about the learning process. Mr Johannes Kempf is a Research assistant, Teacher-student for secondary school with a specialization in science-technology, geography and school quality development with global exposure and experience living in different cross cultures. Research assistant, chair professionalization in teacher education, Department of Education, University of Tübingen, Germany. Research assistant, Department of Renewable Energy and Energy Planning, University of Tübingen, Germany.