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Laurel High Global School


Laurel High Global School conducted Math Expo, a Math research Expo. The Socratic Dialogue format employed gave students the required challenge. The format has a question-box comprising of experts from different walks of life and the answer-box has a team of three students. The students would initially present a mathematical concept with its philosophy and maybe a proof for a method or idea. The question-box then asks a quick question within 20seconds, to which answer box can respond within 20seconds. The question-box to counter the perspectives critically, so the depth of students’ thought is probed. This experience will probably be an important life-skill builder for the students and would probably nurture critical thinking, openness to learning, inter-disciplinary thinking and collaborative brainstorming. The Conference has two components- Socratic Dialogue and Idea-Stalls. There shall be 123 idea stalls featuring one concept each, to be presented by a team of three students. Concepts of mathematics textbooks, from grade 3 to 7 shall be featured through the idea-stall. The attendees can ask questions and probe the ideas presented by the students. The idea is to showcase the depth of the thought process of the students and so the emphasis is on cross-questioning what the students express. Socratic Dialogue and Idea-stalls are formats to enable expression of ideas; the emphasis is on providing students with an opportunity to be critically questioned around their ideas